Frequently Asked Questions

» What Do I Get When I Sign Up With Contractor Leadz?

No Risk Done-For-You Marketing Solution

We invest our own time, energy and assets to build a SEO optimized website around the services you offer and the areas you serve in order to target prospective customers looking for services you offer. We also use any means at our disposal to generate qualified leads such as social media, citation directories, and paid advertising (free for you!) just to name a few.

Dedicated Call Tracking & Routing

We provide dedicated lead tracking numbers to route calls to your company. This has two advantages. It allows you to directly connect with live calls from prospective customers without a middleman. It also allows us to record and log all calls that we generate for your review. We manually review all calls and bill you only for qualified calls.

» How Do You Define a Qualified Lead?

A qualified lead is defined as an exclusive call from someone within your service area that is interested in services that you offer. We route calls to your company and it is your responsibility to schedule the appointment.

  • We don’t charge for calls for services you don’t offer
  • We don’t charge for calls outside your coverage area
  • We don’t charge for calls less than 30 seconds
  • We don’t charge for junk calls (ie: wrong numbers, solicitors)

As mentioned above, we use a dedicated call tracking number that allows you track and review the quality of calls we send.

» What Is The Cost Per Lead?

The cost per lead depends on the service you offer, the area in which you are located, and the average price of a job. The price range is generally between $15-$300 per exclusive lead. Your price per lead will be determined during our initial discovery session. In most cases, our partners pay between $25-$200 per exclusive, qualified lead.

» How Do I Pay For Leads?

During our initial discovery session, we will determine how many leads per month you can handle. You will be invoiced each week for new incoming leads. Invoices are sent on Tuesday and must be paid by Friday (credit card authorization form will be sent to you to facilitate the payment process)This gives you ample time to dispute any calls on your bill that you feel were unqualified. 

» Do I Need To Sign A Contract?

No! You are not required to sign a contract that locks you in for a certain amount of time or dollar amount. You are free to discontinue our services at any time. We will, however, send you a “Pay Per Lead Agreement" document that provides an overview of our lead generation program and outlines the scope of our working relationship.